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Education Quality Addition, (EQU+) update


Education Quality Addition, (EQU+) remedial teaching/learning program Introduction – Glenn Fawcett: White Lotus began implementing a school based remedial teaching/learning program in 5 villages at Mewat in September 2016. The program recognizes substandard outcomes in government schools right across the country and seeks to create a village based model with cooperation and input from teachers, […]

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Lets get clear about No Detention in the context of Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation

No Detention in the context of Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation

Again and again for years on end we’ve been seeing ‘No Detention policy’ (NDP) being blamed for sub standard performance in government schools across the subcontinent. Whether news reporters, teachers unions or government departments that should know better, they are all speaking the same language. The objective of ‘NDP’ in the context of CCE is […]

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Blossom to College

Blossom Bus

Lotus Outreach’s Blossom Bus service, unique in the State of Haryana, was recently featured by Gov’t of Haryana at a presentation of best practices in Education to the Indian Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD). The program addresses lack of safe forms of transport to school for girls. Lack of transportation is one of […]

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Education Quality Addition – EQU+ program

EQU+ Program

We created this program recognising that many research projects have shown there is a learning gap in many Government schools. Children learning at grade 5 are only able to complete grade 3 work and so on. Further there has been an alarming % of failures at grade-10 board exam level across Haryana and we have […]

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