Education + Training + Care = Empowerment


Access to education through provision of transport whether on a bus or a bicycle is a huge change agent in the lives of girls that would simply not have any option other than to become homemakers after finishing school at primary or elementary level.

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Village girls and those living in urban poverty enabled by training to become bread winners for their family after graduating from a tailoring courses become more independent and gain respect from their families and communities.

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Lack of health services and knowledge of basic hygiene leads to many social ills and impacts on education and livelihood outcomes. Our CARE programs include Village based health programs and provision of nutrition for school children.

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Spotlight on Impacts over the course of the year 2020-21

In 2020-2021 and even in view of the devastating impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic, White Lotus Charitable Trust has, against all the odds, continued to provide access to education and vital health services to neglected and backward underserved communities in villages and the urban poor.

In terms of project implementation, 2020 turned up unprecedented challenges and uncertainties. While there were unavoidable interruptions due to lockdowns and quarantine requirements, White Lotus Trust and our grass roots team left no stone unturned in our efforts to ensure projects continued to provide education, health and training to communities in need.

We deeply appreciate the selfless and courageous efforts of our local field staff and community partners that enabled us to adapt and innovate and enable us establish Covid Relief efforts from very early in the lockdown.

White Lotus Trust Covid Relief


Cooked meals and ration kits provided over two months for migrant labour and slum communities of west Delhi


Two months rations provided to 250 families during lockdown for most vulnerable - aged, single parents, landless and unemployed labor at Tamil Nadu

Covid Prevention Advocacy

  • 22,500 soap bars
  • 5000 face masks were distributed
  • 900 village health workers
  • 150 villages

Project Adaptation

During lockdown our Volunteers kept children's education on track through one-to-one or groups tuition and WhatsApp in Delhi.

By August we were able to restart tuition classes for village children in Delhi/NCR regions.

Initiated three Tailoring skills training batches serving 30 girls and young women every six months.

From September when schools opened buses again provided transport for years 9-12 and college goers from remote villages.

Increased college scholarships from 20 to 47 year serving rural and urban children of low-income families.

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