Education + Training + Care = Empowerment


Access to education through provision of transport whether on a bus or a bicycle is a huge change agent in the lives of girls that would simply not have any option other than to become homemakers after finishing school at primary or elementary level.

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Village girls and those living in urban poverty enabled by training to become bread winners for their family after graduating from a tailoring courses become more independent and gain respect from their families and communities.

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Lack of health services and knowledge of basic hygiene leads to many social ills and impacts on education and livelihood outcomes. Our CARE programs include Village based health programs and provision of nutrition for school children.

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Spotlight on 2021; Covid relief responses
and projects back in action

After the unprecedented impact of Covid19 in 2020 by March and early April 2021, there was a strong sense of getting back to a new normal and then suddenly a second wave of Covid infections brought India’s health infrastructure to a point of collapse and threw us back into having to deal with school and community closures.

We quickly established a new Lotus Relief fund to so we rallied again to provide freshly cooked meals and dry rations to families of daily wage laborers as well as education kits to keep children connected to their studies. Our community teachers were soon back in action providing online and offline classes to urban and rural children, our skills training centres got back on track and Blossom Buses began to run in late July as big as ever with support from Nissan Motor India.

We've continued to put runs on the board across all projects in the second half of 21-22 with fingers crossed for the months ahead. Thanks for being with us on this exciting and often challenging journey to provide education, training and care to those most in need.

Lotus Relief 2021


persons provided emergency food supplies, meals and rations.


children were provided education support kits.

Project Adaptation

Skills Training

young women graduated with saleable skills from the STEP project in early 2021. 90 more ready to graduate by years end.

Evening education for less privileged

children back and reconnecting to education through EQU+ and Buddha Smiles evening tuition classes.

Blossom Bus

rural girls getting safe and reliable transport to schools on Blossom Buses.

Kapadia Education Foundation scholarships

college students successfully complete their studies supported by Kapadia Education Foundation scholarships.

Village women and children's health

young women's youth groups formed in remote villages - training on women's hygiene and helping Anganwadi workers with children's development work.

Latest News and Articles

Women’s Economic Empowerment

White Lotus Charitable Trust and Garden of Peace (GOP) school in Tamil Nadu have entered a partnership to develop village based traditional oil extraction as a social business . GOP has been operating a traditional bullock drawn unit for some years and together we have added two, slow grinding machines for processing highest quality cold […]


Girls football – giving voice to the aspirations of tribal girls in the state of Jharkand

Girls in the tribal areas around the District of Hazaribagh having a burning desire to play football. Not only to play, but to be recognised as footballers in their own right. Our local partner in education and gender balancing brought together some 10 teams, 120 tribal girls for the first ever all girls football tournament […]


Visit to Sonakha Village Anganwadi and adolescents group

Adolescent groups provide a platform for rural girls and young women to meet, learn, raise their voices and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. We recently travelled to Sonakha Village in a remote area of Haryana bordering Rajasthan to meet with a recently established Adolescent Youth Group (AYG) as well as Anganwadi and […]


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