‘Lessons from the field while working for a Common School System at Mewat’


We are very proud to present this publication, ‘Lessons from the field while working for a Common School System at Mewat’ and that was driven by recognition of our work by Harvard University, South Asia Institute, with funding support from TATA Trusts. The work was initially presented as one of six Interventions featured in a book entitled, ‘Triggering Success: Innovative Interventions to Promote Educational Access in India’ – compiled by Professor Jaqueline Bhabha and Anisha Gopi (2016). Working on this project gave us the opportunity to document approaches and best practices we had developed and put into practice while working to establish education as a right at Mewat of Haryana over the past 7 years and to also undertake a short research project with particular attention to our Blossom Bus program and gender issues of the underlying social fabric of our target area. Our research included personal, family and focus-group-discussions that brought into sharp relief to the various ways, both intra family and implied by the broader society, gender discrimination impacts on attitudes to girls’ education.

We sincerely hope this publication benefits scaling and replication of effective models leading to re enervation of the Government Schools system across the country and until we are providing quality education to each and every one of India’s children and which is their Constitutional right.

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